Late Shri Om Prakash Chowdhary

The king of the Chowdhary group whose spirit will always make the group reach towards the desired goals. Shri Om Prakash Chowdhary, an entrepreneur by blood was truly a man of zeal and passion. He was indeed the pillar of Chowdhary Group. He is the son of Shri Bansi Dhar Chowdhary and was truly an epitome of founder of the Group. Although, physically he is not with us at the moment his true spirit, values and beliefs would always enlighten us in whatever we do. We as a group aim and hope to carry on his name and fame forever and ever in the future.


Mr. Ashok Kumar Chowdhary

The eldest son of Shri Om Prakash Chowdhary is indeed a blessing that God has given us. He is truly a man who needs no description because words cannot describe his talents and achievements. From expanding to diversifying the business of Chowdhary Group, he is the man who has taken Chowdhary Group to the heights where it stands at present. He is truly courageous and indeed the most crucial personality of Chowdhary Group. Mr. Ashok Kumar Chowdhary is incharge of the overall planning, development and strategy of Chowdhary Group. He is known for his humility, beliefs, values and talents across the Steel City. He is all determined to take Chowdhary Group to the much greater heights.


Mr. Umesh Kumar Chowdhary

The second son of Shri Om Prakash Chowdhary is known for his salesmanship. He is truly an expert in marketing and plays a crucial role in maintaining good customer relations. Through his expert advice, opinions and delightfulness customers feel comfortable and satisfied while making purchase decision at the store. He is incharge of Chowdhary and Company and has indeed proven his talents and skills by continuous increase in sales. He is the man with whom customers/clients prefer to interact and crack a deal.


Mr. Kamal Chowdhary

The man who has founded Multi Service Inc is known for his PR in the corporate sectors. Mr. Kamal Chowdhary has given Chowdhary Group a new honour by supplying and distributing the various products in the corporate companies. The various orders from different companies are tackled by Mr. Kamal Chowdhary. Thus Mr. Kamal Chowdhary plays a very important role in getting clients for the Chowdhary Group. The continuous efforts by Mr. Kamal Chowdhary have made Multi Service Inc. one of the leading vendors of corporate sectors.


Mr. Rajesh Kumar Chowdhary

The 'all rounder' is the right word to describe Mr. Rajesh Kumar Chowdhary. The man who does not believe in getting into controversy has the solution to each and every problem faced by the Chowdhary Group. Not only does he play an important role in managing the finances of the Chowdhary Group, but also plays a major role in managing the overall strategy and decision making. Mr. Rajesh Kumar Chowdhary is extremely witty, enthusiastic and hard working personality that adds value to the Chowdhary Group.


Mr. Vicky Chowdhary

The youngest son of the entrepreneur Shri Om Prakash Chowdhary has got amazing talents and capabilities. Mr. Vicky Chowdhary is highly optimistic and positive about the business of Chowdhary Group which indeed helps everyone in the group in gaining confidence. Being the youngest son and brother, he has immense amount of energy and young blood inside him. If he is determined to do anything, he makes sure that it happens at any cost. Above all, he is also incharge of managing B.D. Chowdhary and Sons. Mr. Vicky Chowdhary has a long way to go and he can be termed as 'a horse of longer race'.



Mr. Ashish Chowdhary

The eldest grandson of Shri Om Prakash Chowdhary and the eldest son of Mr. Ashok Kumar Chowdhary is indeed the future of Chowdhary Group. Mr. Ashish Chowdhary has completed Bachelors in Business Management from Christ College, Bangalore and MBA from Cardiff University, United Kingdom. Mr. Ashish Chowdhary has recently joined business and currently managing the In House and Real Estate division of Chowdhary Group. He is highly ambitious, enthusiastic and passionate personality. Being the youngest businessman in the Chowdhary Group, he is determiend to take Chowdhary Group to the much higher level where the group would probably create history. Mr. Ashish Chowdhary is extremely talented and hard working personality who never believes in giving up at any cost. Above all, he is all determined to keep up the name, fame, values and beliefs of Chowdhary Group.

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