Chowdhary & Company

Furnishing Centre

Chowdhary and Company, popularly known as R.K Foam was founded by Shri Bansi Dhar Chowdhary on 11th November, 1976. The shop is indeed an expansion to the furnishing business of Chowdhary Group.

Chowdhary and Company is currently one of the leading mattress and foam/sponge stores of Steel City. The shop is known for its quality and hence it attracts customers not only from Jamshedpur but also from neighbouring places.

Chowdhary and Company is located in the heart of the city thus it creates best value for customers. Chowdhary and Company targets the varied customer groups from various walks of life. Furnishing business needs lot of customisation so the store has its own workshop for stitching and tailoring according to the varied customer needs. The employees are well trained and qualified to create the optimum value for customers.

Chowdhary and Company provides a package that creates value to customers by advising them and offering quality products at reasonable price.



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